Robot Coding

Robotic Automation with Artificial Intelligence. We develop systems using computer bots. BOT DEVELOPMENT

Introducing BOT Development, software and apps developed by computer bots. A Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm project. It proves that a Professional Entrepreneur with purpose, passion, sincerity and commitment backed by a talented team can be successful in this new India.

Bot Software Development in 24 Hours

Our Vision

BOT development is the future and we envision staying ahead of time adapting to new technology and solving the toughest digital problems through innovation and digital strategy
Our mission is to be the top bot development software firms in the next decade

Experience and Expertise

Major Brand Affiliations

  • Present - Custom Software and Flutter Apps

    Blair Studios, Worldwide

  • 2020 Sequel5

    Active in 87 Countries

  • 2008-2016 Medicine Technology

    Divine Life Care

  • 2002-2008 E-Distribution Systems

    Divine Health Care

  • 2002 New Beginnings

    Blair Studios

Our Services

What do we Do?

Web Industrial Software

A software that
- Can run on any PC, any OS
- Is on internet but private
- Is WORK FROM HOME friendly
- Has limited access to employees
- Can be linked to a Mobile App
- Is BARCODE and QR-Code Friendly
- Has remote administration feature
- Can alert if something goes wrong
- Is maintenance free
- Can be developed in less than a week
- Is secured by Google
- Has private encryption
- Is free from data viruses

Online Brand Presence

Our collaborations help you
- Get your website on Google, Bing
- SEO preferably top rankings
- Digital Public Relations (PR)
- Communications Partnership
- Wikipedia Informatics (T&C*)
- Google Knowledge Panel (T&C*)
- Google MyBusiness
- Instagram Verify
- Twitter Verify
- Social Media Marketing
- Online Advertisements

** Services applicable as Add-Ons

Flutter App Development

We build Maintenance free mobile applications secured by Google.
One place for everything
- Designing - UI/UX
- Prototype
- Development
- Deployment
- Testing
- Licensing
- Publishing on Google Play & App Store
- Monitoring Performance
- App Promotions
- Limited Paid Updates

Key Listings

Global Media Coverage

Ahmedabad based Global Industrial Software Maker Blair Studios to build Flutter Apps in just 24 hours


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