Flutter aspires to be a cross-platform UI application for creating beautiful app experiences. The web support for Flutter has reached a stable milestone.

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Why Flutter Web?

Flutter Web Why

The most important benefit of adding web support to the various mobile applications is that you can reach a wider audience while also allowing for innovative ways to create immersive web experiences. The key highlights of the flutter web can be enumerated as follows:

1. Focus on 3 app scenarios
• They include three key features namely: combining the scope of the web with the features of a desktop app, loading only once and sending the data to and from the internet, and allowing for shared code between the two experiences.

2. Flexibility for creating apps on web
• The web has allowed a wide range of frameworks to be built on this programming model, giving developers a lot of versatility in how they create web apps.

3. Multi-layer system
• The system consists of different widgets, animation, and gestures.
• A rendering engine that uses the machine APIs it exposes to render to the target computer.

4. Cost-Effective
• The framework is written in Dart, and the core Flutter framework code is the same across all platforms may it be Desktop, mobile, or Web. This won't prove too heavy on your pockets!

5. Performance
• Flutter's web engine has two renderers: an HTML renderer that is designed for size and usability, and a CanvasKit renderer that renders Skia paint commands to the browser canvas using WebAssembly and WebGL.

6. Plugins
• Some of the most common plugins now have web support, allowing you to port your existing Flutter apps to the web. Flutter plugins facilitate your code to connect with native libraries for the framework you're using.

7. The desktop form factors and the web-specific features are the added benefits.

If used well, can replace traditional system-specific software

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