How much does it cost to develop custom-tailored Software using flutter and dart?

May 15, 2021 3:15 pm IST

Our corporate web ip-based software written in Flutter sets a new benchmark in the category of internet hosted private custom-tailored software.

Blair's Web Software is

  1. Cloud-based with universal OS compatibility
  2. Embedded to Android & iOS Mobile App
  3. Supports BAR Code & QR Code
  4. Maintenance Free
  5. Powered by Google Firebase
  6. XT Encrypted
Blair Studios: Our "Apps in 24 Hours" campaign is based on Flutter's In-Built Widgets and Plugins with cross-platform compatibility in all design aspects.
Parth Shah, Principal Software Engineer

But how much does it cost?

Factors That Measure the Cost to Build the Software:

• Software Complexity: To build "Maintenance Free" custom-software, we set certain guidelines and customise the Agile and Waterfall methodology to deliver function-specific documentation, clean code and ease up Feature-Updation process thereby reducing long-term costs. With a complexity ratio more than 7:8 we assign a highly experienced developer (Per Hour Fees: $150-$300). With a complexity ratio more than 4:5 the developer hourly fees varies around ($80 - $150) For basic monitoring software we have capped hourly fees at $60 per hour.

• Total number of hours taken to build the Software: Our analysts estimate average

development hours from 48 to 150 depending upon the functionalities and complexity to risk ratio.

• Time Frame: For companies with an urgent development request, where resources have to be shifted to brought from offshore, the costs can go up.

• Back-end Resources: For static functionality use, we suggest purchasing private servers which we configure according to software configuration. For dynamic High-End Hosting services like Firebase and AWS, the subscription cost is much higher.

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